Searching for a more classy, raw urban style looking world map?

Original metal world map wall art printed in cobber, silver, brass and black. Our world maps printed on metal come in a monochrome style variant, in either positive or negative colors with an amazing shine finish. The metal reflects light, giving the material a unique shine and more value than ordinary canvas print. Whether you prefer cobber, silver, brass or ordinary black world maps, we got it covered. 

Several of the world map have their own frame made of either wood or metal, depending of the model. Each world map frame is built, so they are ready for mounting on a wall. Keep in mind that large metal world maps can be quite heavy for certain types of walls. 

Maps of Denmark printed on metal
As an exclusive product at Incado, Danish world maps are to be found here and all in one size, 90 x 90 cm (35.4 x 35.4 inches). Every map has two contrasting monochrome colors in either cobber, black or silver. So if you have a customer in mind, who misses having a map of Denmark at home, do them a favor and order one of our exclusive metal Denmark maps for your store. 


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