Art Tube Colortrends 1
Art Tube Colortrends 1

2 tubes with COLORTRENDS artprints.

Display Contains
  • Tube A: 12 designs x 4 pcs = 48 pcs
  • Tube B: 12 designs x 4 pcs = 48 pcs
Display Dimensions
  • Tube A: H80 cm. (106 cm. with artprints) / Ø45 cm.
  • Tube B: H60 cm. (86 cm. with artprints) / Ø45 cm.
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What is the concept art tube?

  • 2 different color universes with 24 motives in each universe. Easy start order procedure - one item number per display.
  • Best quality with a high end look and designs from leading Scandinavian artists, photographers and graphic designers.
  • 50 x 70 cm. matches perfectly to NordicLine frames. See terms and prices in the NordicLine catalogue.
  • Delievered in black cardboard tube, mounted with a label. Label contains barcode, size, item number and picture of the design.
  • Reorder - Each item is sold as collie 4.
  • Tube display solution free of charge. Contains 4 pieces of each 24 motives (On the display a collage shows the motives)
  • Includes sales material for web: product pictures, 2-4 interior pictures in a different environments.
  • New motive are made every year
  • Fast delievery.
  • Matches all INCADO concepts perfectly.