Artbricks Large
Artbricks Large

2 sides with ARTBRICKS - 10 x 44 designs

  • ARTBRICKS - 15x15 cm - 8 designs
  • ARTBRICKS - 15x21 cm - 24 designs
  • ARTBRICKS - 21x30 cm - 6 designs
  • ARTBRICKS - 21x21 cm - 6 designs
Display Dimension

H: 172,5 cm. L: 67,5 cm. D: 45 cm.

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The ARTBRICKS concept is all about making your own trendy collage in different shapes and sizes. Choose between various designs, colors, and sizes and let your creativity work.

  • 44 designs in beautiful harmony
  • 4 different sizes
  • When a full assortment is ordered a cool display is free of charge with collage suggestions postered on the side
  • A cool and trendy way of wall decor ”design your own wall”
  • The bricks are handmade in 18 mm black MDF, an outstanding quality
  • Includes sales material for web: product pictures, 2-4 collage pictures in different environment
  • A high turnover on less than a square meter